Protect your personal information from keystroke spies

You have more private information on your devices than in your home and everyone's after a piece of it.

as low as $5.99

Used by the military, in the field


Trusted by top financial institutions


First & only keystroke encryption software available


Millions of dollars


The easiest way for someone to steal your information is by spying on your keyboard activities. This is called Keylogging. They enter your device through an infected link, often bypassing any existing anti-virus or firewalls due to its “seemingly harmless” interface. Everything from your texts, addresses, bank details, passwords, social security numbers buying habits, and conversations with friends & family become available to thousands on the dark web. This might be happening, unbeknown to you, right now.

Keyloggers can't steal what they can't see

Become Useless to Data Spies


Encrypt all your keyboard activities

While you see your usual keyboard, hackers can only see random numbers that don’t make sense. So even if your device is already compromised, they cannot continue collecting your information.


Know what’s already been stolen

DefendKey will check and notify you of any elements of your identity that are already on the dark web and if your e-mail address is being used for anything without your knowledge.


Easily recover losses & expenses

We will replace all your lost information, remove any personal data on the dark web, fix damage to your intellectual propery or credit scores as well as cover expenses up to $1,000,000.

as low as $5.99


What Our Client Says

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Share the amazing things
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that no one can look over your shoulder

Use your devices with the peace of mind



Choose the package that’s right for you
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Install Defend Key on all your devices. Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.


Use your device freely knowing that your data is safe.

We're Fathers.

We know what’s it’s like to want to protect your family.

Defend Key was founded by brothers-in-law Quincy and Todd. Their kids, like many other families, are around devices 24 hours a day.

As Quincy & Toddy witnessed their kids share the house lock code via text or ask for their iCloud password over messenger, which happened to be the same password as 50 other of their accounts, they realized that there is no such thing as “best practice” in the mind of a kid.

As their kids became teenagers they started accessing accounts like Uber, Zello, PayPal or Venmo, increasing the danger a security breach poses, especially such a common one as keylogging. Quincy and Todd realized they needed a different & foolproof way to protect their family. 

That’s how they came across the only keystroke encryption provider in the world, End Point Lock – used in the military and top financial institutions. If it’s good enough for the military, it had to be good enough for their families and other families who feel the same way.

That day DefenKey was born, with the mission to make this high-level technology available to the everyday family.

as low as $5.99

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions or need help.

Because of its silent watcher (non-attacker) nature, it does not get detected as a threat by your firewall. Once it’s on your device, it can stay there for an average of 206 days before your anti-malware detects anything. By the time the anti-virus protection kicks in to remove it, it often polymorphs to leave behind a residue that stays on your device and continues collecting your personal information.

Their aim is to collect as much information as they can, which they monetize by selling it to hackers on the dark web. Hackers use your data for identity theft, ransomware and more. In the best case, you lose valuable information and it’s a pain to retrieve. Worst case you experience identity theft which is very expensive to fix and significantly affects your credit score.

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